Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a policy as a stall holder?

Using a laptop,desktop computer, an iphone/smartphone or tablet you simply go the "home" page of our website.

Just scroll down and choose the cover you want, either single day or annual cover,  then follow the prompts.  

After completing the online transaction with your credit or debit card, your Policy will be automatically emailed to you.

Why do I need Product Liability insurance for My Market Stall?

  1. If your biscuits are sold as nut free and they are not – then you will need Product Liability.
  2. If your olives are sold ‘without pips’ and one has a pip in it and cracks a tooth- you need Product Liability.
  3. If your chicken hasn't been refrigerated properly and a customer gets sick – you need Product Liability.

The best news is that Product Liability is built into our package automatically and without any extra cost, however if you sell a product we cannot cover (see below for exclusions) we can still cover you for Public Liability Insurance.

Doesn't the market operator protect My Market Stall under their Public Liability insurance policy?

The Market operator or owner will have their own Insurance Policy but this will usually only protect their own Public Liability – not a Stall holders Public Liability.  So if a sign advertising the Market is not secured and hits a patron – the Market Organiser's Public Liability Policy will respond. 

However, you will need your own Public and Products Liability Market Stall insurance for any incident that arises from or involves YOUR Market Stall or your products.

What happens when I have a claim or am worried that someone may sue my  market stall?

You can call or email us any time. We will immediately advise you of any action that needs to be taken.

We won’t need any boring claim forms completed – just an explanation as to the circumstances.

The first thing to remember is that you can empathise with the injured or aggrieved party, but you cannot accept that it is your fault or liability without involving us and the Insurance Company.

Who is the Insurer?

Our insurance company is AIG (American Insurance Group) which is a global insurance company.

What excess is payable when I make a claim?

We have a "NO EXCESS" policy, regardless of fault.

What coverage does my policy have?

Your policy covers you at all markets, fetes, car boot sales, shopping centres, car parks, festivals etc, across all states and territories of Australia.

How do I receive my Certificate of Currency?

Once you complete the online application, wait a couple of minutes and your Policy, together with a "confirmation of payment" will appear in your inbox as an email from: with a PDF attached, containing your Certificate of Currency.  Be careful when entering your email address, as an error in the address will mean you will not receive your Policy instantly.  You will need to contact us to have it resent to your correct email address.

What it means to cover internet sales and sales from home

If you take out our annual cover then you have an option to add cover for sales from your home and/or internet selling.  Selling from home applies when you have a small number of customers come to your home to buy your products. It does not cover conducting class's from home. Both public and product liability apply to selling from home.  Selling on the internet means selling via sites like Facebook,  Ebay and Etsy.  Our cover does not apply to sales to USA, but all other regions in the world are covered by this policy. Product liability only, applies to internet selling.  The total sales from one or both of these options must not exceed $25,000 within the year of the policy.  This excludes your sales from markets.

Two common items we cannot cover under Product Liability Insurance - toys and lotions or products that stay on the skin

We can't cover ANY children's toys.

We can't cover potions and lotions that stay on the skin eg. any topical cream that is applied to the skin and left on eg lip balm, moisturiser, hand cream, essential oils etc

We can cover soap, bath bombs or bath crystals as they wash off the skin.  We can also cover candles.

If you are in any doubt, please don't hesitate to call us to clarify your specific situation.

Other items we cannot cover under our Products Liability Policy (Public Liability cover still applies)

Mechanical & electrical goods
Toys (including board games)
Adult Toys
Medicines, potions, beauty products, nail polish (excluding soap)
Hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods (excluding candles)
Products that have been dispensed or have been repackaged into smaller containers for retail sales
Products sold in containers exceeding 5 litres or 5 kilograms
Explosive tools, fireworks, flammable liquid or bulk pool chemicals
Products intended to be used in connection with the navigation of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft
Parts for motor vehicles
Medical equipment
Guns and/or ammunition
Model Aircraft
Knives, swords or spears (excluding cutlery)
Power tools
Motorized vehicles
Animal feed (excluding for domestic pets)
Gym equipment and bicycles
Preparation of any body part for, or the application of, any tattoo or body piercing item
Massage, chiropractic treatment or similar type treatment
Tobacco products and nicotine replacements, personal vaporizer products
Silicone and latex products
Essential oils (which is to be used internally or directly on skin)
Vitamins, herbs (excluding fresh herbs), protein powders, nutraceuticals or any health and weight loss products
Any beauty treatments (excluding hair braiding, face painting using natural non-toxic paints, henna painting)

Whilst we cannot cover the above items under Product Liability Insurance, we can still cover you for Public Liability Insurance


All premiums charged are Minimum - Once the Policy has been utilised there is no refund applicable 

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