Single Day vs Annual Stall Holder Insurance Cover - what should I choose?


We're often asked by Stall Holders which policy is best to take out.  

If you are just starting out as a Stall Holder and not sure how your product will be received at the market by customers, then it's probably better to take out a single day cover.  Single day cover will give you peace of mind and cover you against claims by a third party for public and product liability insurance.  The cover is for 24 hours and commences at 1 minute past midnight.  Even if you think you might like to attend several markets in the future, test the water first, is our suggestion.

Annual cover is for 12 calendar months and you can stipulate the start date of the policy up to 60 days in advance.  If you're planning to travel to markets in different states or territories of Australia, then this is perfect for you.  The cover extends to fairs, expos, car boot sales, temporary shopping center stalls and the usual farmers and arts and craft markets.

Once you've decided on the Annual cover, factor in the cost of your insurance into your product prices.  It will only add a few of dollars per month over the period of a year and you won't feel like it's an extra expense. 

We'll be sure to email you out a Renewal reminder about a month before your Annual policy is due to expire, so that's one less thing to worry about.  Don't forget to advise us if you change your email address.

In the end it's all about peace of mind and knowing that you are totally covered against any unforeseen circumstance. 

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